How I Became A Ghostwriter

I’m so nervous. I’m on a new adventure. I’ve written for friends, classmates, but now I’m looking for new clients.

I left school in my junior year to stay home with my daughter. I couldn’t deal with the scheduling. Unfortunately, the colleges that do offer flexible scheduling are the for-profit schools. Their reputation precedes them. I’ve decided not to go back until Sugar is a little older.

Still, I love to read. I love to analyze information, and synthesize it with what I already know. That’s something I miss about college. The light bulb feeling when concepts come together.

When a friend asked me to edit a paper, she only wanted me to edit. I write romances, and she figured I knew my way around a sentence. I returned a paper to her that was three pages longer than before. She got an A. She bought my daughter an outfit in gratitude.

I bragged about it on twitter, and another friend asked me for help. I reviewed the assignment and gave him a quote. He agreed. I was surprised. I got paid. He got an A.

My next post will show their reviews. I want you to believe me, but of course, their professors would be pretty mad if they knew. I feel like an academic mistress (the romance novelist in me just flared up, sorry). So I have to redact names and black box certain details. Like a Wikileak!


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One response to “How I Became A Ghostwriter

  1. Susie McCray

    Like I mentioned a few days ago, where were you when I had freshmen breathing down my neck. As one of the oldest (more experienced) students in Freshmen English, I helped a lot of the youngsters with their papers. Unfortunately, working full-time, going to school full-time and being a single mother did not mix.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors. You go girl!!

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