My note to Steve Chabot

The text of an email I just sent to Congressman Steve Chabot:

I am calling to express my disapproval of provisions in H. R. 3. The “forcible rape” provision is vague, scary, and sexist. What is FORCIBLE? Is there any other kind of rape? What about coercion, sex slavery, drugged and disabled women? What about women who submit to sexual abuse for fear that their children will be killed? What about the landlord who threatened to evict a woman who wouldn’t have sex with him? Was that woman “forcibly raped”? What is the definition? Should I have fought back? Should I have sustained broken bones, a perineal tear? Should I have gotten his DNA under my fingernails and between my teeth? Should the police believe me? Should the nurses at the hospital believe me? Do I have to press charges? Do I have to see the rapist convicted? Although I don’t believe federal health funding should cover elective abortions, I consider the “forcible rape” provision terrifying, disgusting, and a setback to the way women are treated in this country. I also consider it a sop to “kinda choice” voters who believe a rape victim should have access to an abortion, but not women who had consensual sex. But who consents to being unconscious during sex? Who consents to living in a tent in a man’s backyard for years? What are you doing? What have you supported, with the tacit support of this neighborhood and congressional district? I am from Westwood. I’ve met you a few times, not just in congressional campaigning, but at the Walgreens in the bottled water aisle. I’ve shaken your hand, you’ve hugged my child. I refuse to believe that you are the kind of person who thinks that victims who didn’t fight back aren’t real victims. Prove me right. Revoke your support for this heinous bill.




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4 responses to “My note to Steve Chabot

  1. Relax. If you did a little research you would find that “Forcible Rape” is a simple case of redundancy. All rape is forcible and is still covered by the bill.

    This is my opinion but I would guess that the representative added the word forcible to give emphasis to the term rape.

    • Thanks for commenting. Can you tell me WHO determines that a woman was raped? That’s something that has always bothered me and something not mentioned in the bill.

      • Appreciate the welcome.

        “WHO determines that a woman was raped?” This is not an easy question. My first reaction would be to say the women is. If she does not condone to the sex, that is rape. Then again, men can be raped also, it may not happen often but it does.

        All though I do not see it as a need for each piece of legislation that handles the effects of rape to give an in-depth legal definition of rape. Just like I don’t expect it to give a full legal definition for every word in the legislation.

        So, let me ask you.. “Can you tell me WHO determines that a woman was raped?”

        I did a quick Google search and found this definition of rape and find it appropriate:

        Good conversation and I appreciate your response.

      • Thanks for actually talking with me, not at me. I feel bad for people when I get like this. Chabot’s poor aide recognizes my voice by now…

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