One of the comments on my last post…

Relax. If you did a little research you would find that “Forcible Rape” is a simple case of redundancy. All rape is forcible and is still covered by the bill.

This is my opinion but I would guess that the representative added the word forcible to give emphasis to the term rape.

Yeah, I’m not ready to relax. Not when this country hasn’t decided clearly whether or not a woman has the right to end her pregnancy.  I still have quite a few questions.

If abortion is going to be legal in case of rape or incest…

  • Isn’t a baby conceived by rape  just as alive as a baby conceived consensually?
  • Will doctors need to see a “permission slip” of some kind before performing abortions?  Who signs it, the police, the judge, the doctor or nurse who administered the rape kit?
  • What if a woman is raped after consensual sex? Will she have to convince someone that the baby is the rapist’s? Who will she have to convince?
  • What if a woman lies to obtain an abortion? What would the penalty be and would the doctor suffer any penalty?

If abortion were illegal altogether…

  • How would law enforcement make sure abortions weren’t happening? Reviewing medical records? Stationing officers in doctor’s offices? periodic pregnancy tests? Monitored pregnancies?
  • would it be illegal to perform abortion or to receive one? It’s like the prohibition question. It was illegal to sell alcohol, but there was still demand for it.
  • Would pregnancy tests be administered to women leaving the country? If we left pregnant and came back, well, not pregnant, would we be accused of abortion? Would we have to document miscarriage?
  • Would miscarriages caused by carelessness (drug use, fighting, strenuous exercises) be considered abortion? What would the penalty be?

Even though I feel sad at abortions, I feel like the only way to outlaw them would be to turn women into incubators, forever monitored and controlled. When I hear stories like this, where a woman and her husband were harassed for seeking a medically necessary abortion, I feel like women’s health and choices are coming under fire and if we don’t speak up, we eventually won’t have any control.




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