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Spring Break? Now?

So I’m going through my calendar. I realize I have some errands to run downtown. I plot out the most efficient course, and the doorbell rings. Sugar’s home from a day with her grannies, her hair freshly done and a bag full of goodies in hand. My mom says she and my uncle will be by at 12 to put the futon together.

“I’ll be back by then,” I say. “I’m leaving as soon as Sugar gets on the bus.

Mommy left and I went back upstairs, where I signed into my Cozi calendar. I then realized MY CHILD WILL NOT BE GETTING ON THE BUS. She, and the other 33,747 students attending Cincinnati Public Schools are on spring break.

What do kids need a spring break for anyway? They play outside all the time. They don’t need to fly to Cancun…oh. Yeah. The teachers. The hardworking, underpaid backbone of America. Yeah, I guess we better let them get some time off before they start telling us what they really think of our angels.

Who will watch my angel while I read this thick political science book? Who will read with her, work on her violin player’s posture, coach her in reading music for the keyboard, and make sure she eats two balanced meals and a snack?

I can’t believe I forgot spring break. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and my mom took Sugar to my grandma’s. In my feeble mind, Grandma took her to school. I wasn’t tipped off by the absence of school buses, either. I’m seriously worried about me.

I’m also worried about Sugar. In the interest of clothing myself and my daughter, and retiring before I drop dead, I have to work. The TV will be watching her tomorrow. The granny brigade requires 24 hour notice. I should have someone Wednesday, but tomorrow will consist of

  • a balanced breakfast that she won’t want because she likes the “pancake-corn dog-things” that she would be getting at school
  • wrangling her into weather-appropriate clothes, and who knows what’s weather appropriate on a Cincinnati morning in March
  • dragging her from pillar to post as I run the errands I stupidly put off because I didn’t want to run around in the winter. There’s SCHOOL in the winter. I’ll remember that for next time.
  • bringing her home and parking her in front of the TV with an assortment of fruit and the remote. I guess I should be happy that her favorite mindless snacks are healthy, right?
  • going into my office, immersing myself in the Wilson Administration, feeling guilty the whole time.

This is the dark side of working from home. When the children are home, your two jobs hiss and scratch at each other, battling for your attention. Man cannot serve two masters, and neither can Mom. I’ll figure something out, but I’ll feel mighty crappy. I have made a note that school ceases, for three whole months, at the end of May. I even printed out a day camp application!

Please tell me I’m not the dumbest person you know. Also tell me how you’ve managed working from home, or working with kids. I clearly need all the advice I can get.


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Before and After: Fourteenth Street

Before and After: Fourteenth Street.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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