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Google “Censorship”

Is Google Censoring? Image Courtesy of AndroidAuthority.com

Got a tweet from @kephir about Google censoring search results. Kephir is the go-to tweeter for inconvenient truths. I wondered what I would be disappointed/illuminated by now?

I click the link and find out that Google is making it harder to search for torrents.

But are they? If you start typing the word torrent, it won’t show any of those “auto-complete” results it normally does. It’s not impossible to search the term though. I wouldn’t call it “censorship”. I’d call it a punk-ass move by Google to make the record companies happy. Hell, if I can google “bit torrent”, can’t I just go to the website?

I imagine the possibilities. What if I write a book someone doesn’t like? What if my planned roman a clef hits too close to home for someone? What if someone can’t remember the title, types in what they remember, and don’t get anything? That would aggravate me. Will politicians start paying for “auto-search disabling” as part of their ad campaigns?

Google is the first name in search right now. Lots of websites use Google to let you search within their sites. Will that be disabled/modified at Google’s pleasure, influenced by other powerful groups?

We don’t have to use Google. We don’t have to let anybody keep information from us. But I realize that a lot of people, not so informed, will lose access to some information if Google decides they don’t deserve access to it.

So now what?

  • Do you use Google or other search engines? Which, why, and how important is your choice?
  • Do you use torrents or similar programs?
  • Anything else you think I should know?

Comments very much appreciated.


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